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Customer Testimonials...

"The stones arrived and they look fantastic!"
MAY 2019, TD

"Wow Jerry- I’m speechless! It is so lovely. Thank you so much for your wonderful craftsmanship. I will treasure this piece always."
DEC 2018, AA

"The sunstone arrived today. I think it is gorgeous…."
OCT 2018, DF

"Thank you so much for your time and expertise. You’re very talented!"
FEB 2018, AJ

"I am stunned: the stone is beautiful You are a true artist! Thank you for bringing this to life for me."
AUG 2017, SB

"I got the stone today and it is spectacular. I couldn't be happier"
JUN 2017, RG

"The sapphire arrived today, and I've been looking at it all night. I can't stop! It's absolutely stunning. I can't thank you enough for your amazing craftsmanship. I'm just in awe of your talent and judgement. Thank you so much. Now I know why people trust you completely with their gems. You've made a lifelong customer out of me."
NOV 2015, ER

"Thank you. Your cutting is beautiful!"
DEC 2015, AG

"I received the Spinels today. I'm quite impressed with the cutting. Thank you very much, you do a great job!"
JAN 2016, SJ

"...received the Garnet. I find it very beautiful. I love the cut. Thanks a lot Jerry. You are awesome."
JAN 2016, AJ

"...thank you for working on my Chrysoberyl! It is lovely, I can't stop playing with it and taking pictures. I'm so happy to have something this beautiful to set now."
JAN 2016, STT

"Holy cow... (droolworthy; so many colors!). My heart is still pounding. Almost immediately they both EXPLODED bright blue and green with little flashes of red and gold. Wow, nice job. I asked you to make them sparkle and glow, and you delivered. Thank you."
MAR 2016, LT

"Wow!...immediately impressed by the precise and masterful cut of both gems...both look amazing...not only were the gems even better looking than anticipated, with spectacular cutting, but your customer service has been great as well."
NOV 2015, EM

"I'm really happy with the results of your work, beautiful gem."
OCT 2015, ML

"The cut is exquisite, champagne colour is are very talented."
NOV 2015, EM

"The Amethyst is here and I LOVE IT!! Your cutting is absolutely spectacular!!"
SEPT 2014, FP

"The sparkle is incredible, and the cut makes it seem like it has motion... Crazy brilliant, and such beautiful faceting... in real life they were even better."
SEPT 2014, LK

"WOW!!!!! I have no words!! What a difference! You are a miracle-maker."
MAY 2014, KVL

"I just received the package. I love the improvement! Thank you so much!"
MAY 2014, AM

"I just got the stones and everything looks incredible. The tourmaline is outstanding and I like how it looks as if the inside of the stone is twice as big as the stone itself. The opal is even better than I already thought it was. I didn’t realize that much color was in there."
APRIL 2014, JP

"The stone arrived yesterday. WOW. There really aren’t words to describe, literally everything is absolutely gorgeous."
JAN 2014, LK

"Just wanted to let you know I love this Pink Tourmaline – I think it is a real treasure – thank you!"
JAN 2014, MM

"WOW...There really aren’t words to describe it, literally everything is absolutely gorgeous!...It’s more than perfect. Thank you."
JAN 2014, LK

"You are literally a miracle worker. These stones look amazing!!!"
JAN 2014, KL

"Got the stone-Magnificent! I will send the other one in a few weeks."
DEC 2013, JD

"I got the stones. Absolutely spectacular. They could not be any better."
FEB 2013, RG

"…The stone has exceeded my expectations! I absolutely love it and could not be happier with it!"
JUNE 2013, KL

"It came out beautiful!!
I am absolutely thrilled !!!"

FEB 2013, GH

"Wow!!!!! Jerry-it’s gorgeous!!!!!! Thank you sooooooooo much – you’re a genius!"
JUNE 2012, JH
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Apatite Aqua Aquamarine
Aquamarine Aquamarine Aquamarine
Benitoite Benitoite Golden Beryl
Citrine Citrine Citrine
Lemon Citrine Fluorite Demantoid Garnet
Mali Garnet Green Obsidian Peridot
Champagne Quartz Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Montana Sapphires
Montana Sapphire Spinel Oregon Sunstone
Sunstone Morganite Sunstone (Golden)
Tanzanite Green Topaz Blue Topaz
Topaz Topaz Blue Topaz
Blue Topaz Blue Topaz Green Tourmaline
Maine Tourmaline Maine Pink Tourmaline Pink Tourmaline
Tourmaline Tourmaline Tourmaline
Zincite Golden Zincite Blue Zircon
Blue Zircon Golden Zircon Zircon

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