Pol-A-Gem Laps

Custom Gemstone Faceting
and Lapidary Service

These polishing laps are made of one-half inch thick acrylic plastic, inset with a layer of polishing compound. They have a solid polishing surface that produces very flat facets; no rounding of facet edges. A POL-A-GEM cerium oxide lap will replace the lucite-cerium oxide type; the Alumina lap replaces most metal laps.

The laps were designed with the thought that they should polish a gem with only the addition of clear water. This is true with most gem materials. As an example; the cerium oxide lap will polish quartz (and other gems) with only a very slow water drip near the center of the lap; no slurry is used. Rarely, very large facets may need the addition of a very small amount of slurry. With further addition of very small amounts of water, this slurry will remain on the lap for the entire polishing time for the large facet.

The Alumina lap may need slurry additions for more gem materials than does the cerium oxide lap. However, the Alumina lap will polish more gem species.

POL-A-GEM laps work best at slow speeds rather than high speeds. Arbor speeds about 100 to 300 rpm apparently are best. These speeds, coupled with a close-to-dryness lap, appear advantageous.

POL-A-GEM laps will polish many hundreds, if not thousand of gems over years of use. They can be reconditioned to correct normal wear by lathe machining.

Reports by users of POL-A-GEM laps are favorable. We quote Mr. Anthony Agnello, of Harper Woods, Michigan. He wrote "These are the best of all laps for polishing.. They were responsible for my winning the 'Pinnacle Award' in 1990. Five of us were tied with a score of 100 each. After the judges used a 65X scope, I came out on top. That certified me as a supreme master faceter, thanks to the fine polish I got with the POL-A-GEM lap."

Mr. Randy Frey, of Champaign, IL, sent the following quote when he sent in an order for the Alumina lap. He had purchased a Cerium Oxide lap several months earlier. "I have an CeO POL-A-GEM and wouldn't trade it for a lifetime's supply of Ultralaps! It polishes the quartz materials wonderfully! I have found nothing better."

A list of gem materials known to polish on the lap is included with each lap.

8"laps--$100  : 6"laps--$80 This includes shipping and handling in the USA

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More on the history of Pol-A-Gem.

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