Custom Gemstone Faceting
and Lapidary Service

Customer Testimonials...

"The Tsavorite arrived this morning and oh my goodness am I ever happy with it!!
It looks amazing!"

Feb. 2017, TD

"I picked up my stone from the post office and I was blown away. It's gorgeous! Thank you so much for making it beautiful!"
July 2015, KA

"Hi Jerry. Received the stone and your cutting is amazing. Thank you so much for all that you have done!"
June 2015, LR

"The Garnet arrived today and wow!
It's beautiful... it's really impressive."

Feb. 2017, JG

"I finally got a chance to open my goodie package and I really love how they turned out! Thank you so much for suggesting this cut for these roughs!"
Jan. 2017, BH

"...absolutely magnificent!!!
Now itís a totally different story and it shows all it's beauty."

Nov. 2016, GT

"Thanks again for your repair to my Sapphire. I'm just awestruck by it...
So much art went into this and your art was a huge part of it!"

Oct. 2016, ER

"Received your stone and your
cutting is amazing."

June 2015, LO

"...your work is truly an art."
Feb 2015, TP

"You turned a mediocre peridot into a beautiful peridot. You did a beautiful job."
Nov. 2014, AG

"It's a superb recut and I absolutely love it. :) I send my gratitude again for the excellent recut."
Sept. 2014, GS

"I can't believe itís the same stone!
You are amazing, and I truly do appreciate your commitment to your artistry because you have created something incredibly beautiful and unique. You have been so patient and kind and informative the whole way."

Aug. 2014, LK

"You did an amazing job, and I'm, excited to get to wear such a gorgeous work of art on my hand!...this is a huge improvement to see it sparkling like crazy."
July 2014, EW

"Amazing faceting!! Love it!
Perfect size and color."

Sept. 2014, TN

"I'm blown away by the recut!
It is amazing!!!"

May 2014, KV

“I received the newly cut stone and I cannot express how happy I am with it. You transformed into an entirely new stone, and it is just simply gorgeous.”
Dec. 2013,  M.W.

“Received the package and  the recut oval blew me away. It is more dispersive, the polish is mirror-like and just gorgeous all around.”
Dec. 2013,  A.H.

"...I must say, it’s divine. The colour play is far more prominent now, and funnily enough, I think it appears bigger too. You really have done wonders to my little stone. I am truly thankful. “  
 July 2013, C.S.
Recutting and Repair
Before and After photos of a typical "native cut" gemstone where weight is emphasized over optical performance.

Here is a terrible example of faceting technique in the ďBeforeĒ photo. Isnít it strange how such awful looking stuff can be sold with a 70% window? The material is very unusually patterned amethyst. Nevertheless it was turned into a very striking unusual gemstone when cut properly in a pattern more suited for itís color zoning condition.

  Here is what was done with a typical native cut Heliodor with a huge window which obviously was cut to sell carats with no regard for beauty. Now it can be worn with pride.

The pavilion of this gem zircon was recut leaving
the face-up size unchanged.

A spinel with obvious window recut with 13 properly
placed new pavilion facets. Weight loss was 9% with
no change in size.

Here is a 3.35ct badly abraded Tanzanite which was native cut with a very shallow crown and a very large table. Recutting with proper crown proportions allowed the stone to reveal more optimum beauty.

This 10.3ct Aqua has seen much wear and reveals a window from the original cutting many years ago. A complete recut using modern faceting thinking and execution gives the stone a new life.

Here is a badly windowed aquamarine "look alike" cut to simulate an aqua. Turns out the material is blue topaz. Now we have a brilliant cut topaz worthy of being called a gem.

An unusual green sapphire showing original "Native cut" with little green showing, with lots of darkness and an obvious window, and the much improved color and brilliance after recutting only the pavilion . Weight is 5.28 ct after repair. Weight loss was 17% with no change in the 12 x 9.3 mm face-up size which reveals how much extra weight the original cutter left on at the expense of optical performance.

Here is Blue topaz cut originally to resemble a more expensive aqua marine in the typical step cut design so common with aqua marine. But , as is frequently the case, the native cutters leave too much bulk on the pavilion to increase weight and leave a window right down through the middle of the stone. The client had let the stone languish for years in a draw because of it's appearance and then decided to have it converted into a real gem. Now it is a brilliant topaz, worthy of the name Gem, not some poor looking imitation of an aqua marine. We lost less than 10% face-up size and about 30% in weight going from the step bar cut to the pointy brilliant design. It is about 13 x 11 mm and 12.35 ct.

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